low testosteroneTestosterone is an important hormone for men. Though it’s mainly responsible for sexual function, it can impact other areas of the body. As men age, testosterone will naturally drop, but premature or significant decreases in testosterone levels can negatively impact a person’s day to day life, which is a fairly common occurrence. Approximately 25% of men over 30 have low testosterone levels.

If you think you may be among this statistic, check out these three most common indicators of low testosterone in men.

  1. Low Sex Drive
    Testosterone plays an important role in libido. If you are noticing a significant lack of sexual desire or sexual function, you might have low testosterone levels. This is an important indicator if your sexual habits and desires were otherwise normal; a man with low T will likely experience a drastic drop in libido.Decreased sexual performance might be one of the most obvious physical changes, but there are several other side-effects of low T that you might be experiencing. Conditions such as decreased muscle mass, decreased strength, hair loss, and increase in body fat are all signs or hormone deficiency. If you haven’t made any changes to you health and fitness regime but are experiencing these symptoms, low T might be to blame.
  2. Sleep Disturbances
    Although low T is responsible for fatigue and decreased energy levels, it can also disturb you from getting the good night’s sleep your body craves. The lack of testosterone can lead to poor sleep as it changes your body’s natural rhythms and sleep cycles.You may experience bouts of sleeplessness and insomnia during the night in addition to difficulty staying awake during the day. Our hormones are responsible for regulating many bodily functions; don’t let low T take away from much needed, restorative sleep.
  3. Mood Changes
    Aside from a decrease in sex drive, low testosterone levels can greatly impact your mood. On an emotional level, you may have feelings of sadness and depression. You may even notice an overall decrease in your self-esteem, which can impact your general well-being. Some people who struggle with low T levels find that their concentration and memory is impaired; they report a lack of focus that had never been an issue before.

If you are experiencing these symptoms and are unhappy with the way low T is affecting your life, you may be a candidate for testosterone therapy. Give your doctor a call to find out what options may be available, and to see how we can help reclaim your health and youthfulness with the help of testosterone.