Free Testosterone is the key to treating Low TIf you’re suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone (a.k.a. “low T”), then be assured that you definitely aren’t alone. In fact, your low testosterone symptoms may actually be caused by low free testosterone.

Across the world, an estimated 25 percent of all men — and particularly those with type 2 diabetes – are afflicted with low T, and struggle with everything from excess fatigue, poor sleep quality, difficulty concentrating, loss of muscle mass, and diminished libido. Indeed, the Urology Care Foundation notes that 40 percent of all men over the age of 45 have low T (typically defined as 300ng of total testosterone, and less than 5ng/dl of free testosterone).

The good news, however, is that low T therapy could be the safe and lasting approach you need to get your physical and emotional health back on track!

How Low T Therapy Works

Low T therapy – which is also referred to as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT – increases the amount of free testosterone in the system, so that it becomes bio-available. By targeting the root cause, low T therapy may be able to significantly alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of low T.

More on Free Testosterone

Free testosterone is one of three forms of testosterone that is created by the body testosterone hits the bloodstream. As noted above, the “free” designation refers to the fact that it’s bio-available for use by the body, and therefore binds to receptors in the brain, muscle and other organs. The other two forms of testosterone are:

  • Sexual Binding Globulin (SBGH), which is bound testosterone that the body cannot use.
  • Estrogen, which through aromatization is converted to estradiol.

Free Testosterone Treatment for Adequate T Levels

It’s also important to note that many men experience the symptoms of low T, yet blood tests confirm that their testosterone levels are adequate. Often, this is because their body is inefficiently using SBGH and estradiol for its testosterone requirements, since free testosterone levels are low. In such cases, free testosterone treatment can boost free T levels and alleviate the problem.

Next Steps

To learn more about low T therapy treatment, contact us today. Eligibility for treatment is determined by a simple and standardized blood test, and symptom improvements are often experienced after a single round of free testosterone.